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Are you sick of smog in Poland?
Help to stop it at least for 24 hours.

First 24 hours without smog

stopped smog


In order not to breathe in smog, it is best not to breathe at all. Record a video in which you hold your breath.

2. Upload the video to you profile

Add the video to your Instagram profile. Remember that your profile has to be public, so that we can show your video!

3. add @wstrzymajsmog

the keywords @wstrzymajsmog has to be added twice:
- add them to the video description
- add the tag to the video

This will allow our systems to locate your video.
send your video to us

Send your video to the email address wstrzymajsmog@gmail.com.
Are you on Facebook?

Post your video on our Facebook profile Pierwsza Doba Bez Smogu (First Day Without Smog).

Smog just stopped

Smog in Poland

On the map of Europe, Poland is the country with the worst air quality. There are many reasons for this. It is burning rubbish, using low quality coal, a large number of cars in cities. All this can be changed, but there is one more reason why this is not the case. This is a lack of awareness. If everyone knew what kind of air they breathe and how harmful it is, they would certainly make small changes in their habits, and those multiplied by millions of Poles would immediately improve the situation.

The most polluted cities in Europe
wykres: najbardziej zanieczyszczone miasta w Europie
"Smothered by Smog, Polish Cities Rank Among Europe’s Dirtiest" - The New York Times
"Poland among Europe’s worst for smog" - EURO NEWS
"EU court rules Poland breached air pollution standards" - Financial Times
"EU’s top court says Poland breached air pollution rules" - REUTERS
"Why 33 of the 50 most-polluted towns in Europe are in Poland" - The Economist
"Poland Backtracks in $28 Billion Battle With EU’s Worst Smog" - Bloomberg
"Poland’s ’airpocalypse’ rivals New Delhi smog" - SKY NEWS
"The air is stinking, it’s dirty: the fight against pollution in Kraków" - The Guardian

How to get rid of smog for good

Exchange days into weeks or months without smog

Włącz film

They’ll tell you what you can do.



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Emotka + logo Instagram + @wstrzymajsmog

Record a video while you holding your breath. Upload it on Instagram and add mention in the description @wstrzymajsmog.